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LED Puck Light

LED Puck Lights have low wattage (we have 3-watt and 1-watt lights), meaning you get great energy efficiency and you save money on your power bills. You should come to buy your LED puck lights from TECLED because you get to give you specifications. Our LED puck lights do not flicker. You get to choose from different light colors, among them cool white, warm white, white, red, blue, green, and yellow.

Our LED Puck Lights are widely used for accent lighting, display case lighting, furniture lighting, and cabinet lighting. The lights are surface mounted or recessed mounted. You should buy our bulbs if you care about the environment because they do not contain mercury. The bulbs are safe given that they are low heat, and they do not give off IR or UV radiation.

We ship to customers across the world. Shipping is easy given that the net weight of each carton is less than a kilogram. You should buy in large quantities for the best results. Note that these bulbs are for indoor use only. We recommend an operational temperature of between 40 and 50 degrees. You will get a warranty when you buy from us. Visit our various outlets across Ontario or our website for the lights.

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