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Multi Output Class 2

Instead of use a high watts single output power supply, in some application, you must use a multi output power supply. Most typical case is when class 2 power supply is required, you can not use a AC/DC driver more than 96 watts, of course you can use mutiple single output power supply, but that will make your installation more complex and more labor time. Use multiple output power supplies, you can supply AC power with one cable and get multi output. You can connect all the load in one juction box like use on power supply and still match class 2 power supply requirment.

As authorized dealer of Magnitude LED Drivers, Canadaledlighting carry full rage of Maginitude's multi output power supplies / LED drivers. Here is a full list of Maginitude's multi output class 2 LED drivers / power supplies:

Magnitude Multi Output Class 2 DC Drivers

Magnitude’s T-Series are high power (up to 300W) class 2 LED Drivers with dual outputs. They are equipped with auto-reset breakers, one on the input and one on each output protecting both the load and the driver. Encased in a high-quality NEMA 3R metal case enclosure, that includes 2 knock-outs to enable easy installation. All of our LED Drivers are dimmable with any standard MLV TRIAC dimmer. Magnitude’s T-Series Drivers are built sturdy and are rated for the toughest environments and are perfectly suited for tape-lighting, tube-lighting, under-cabinet and other applications. They are the product-of-choice for LED lighting in American homes and business due to their rugged construction, product quality, safety, and simplified installation. Electricians prefer Magnitude Magnetic LED Driver for the integrated junction box that protects electrical connections and makes installation clean, safe and easy.








120V AC

12VDC 60W X 2




120V AC

12VDC 60W X 3




120V AC

12VDC 60W X 5




120V AC

24VDC 96W X 2$


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