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LED Flood Light

You should buy our LED floodlights because we have CREE and Epistar as partners, meaning you will be assured of the highest quality. At TECLED, our flood lights operate efficiently, meaning you will save money on energy costs and you will do your part to protect the environment. You also save money given that the bulbs are low maintenance. LED flood lights are good choice if you are looking to replacement your traditional HPS, metal halide, or halogen floodlight because you will get a longer life.

There are 3 different color temperatures for you to choose from, among them warm white, cool white, and daylight. LED floodlights are a great way to improve security and safety at home or at work. Whatever the area you need to light, you will find a suitable LED flood lights in our product range. The advantages over traditional floodlights include these:

1) Over 50,000 hours.
2) Great energy savings.
3) Payback period of less than 1 year.
4) Consistent color and cool-white 6500 K value for better light quality.
5) High-quality aluminum housings for durability and style.
6) Globe, flood and wall washers that have weatherproof IP65 enclosures.
7) 3 years warranty service, giving you peace of mind.
8) Movement and light sensors for deterrent value.
9) CE,RoHS,UL, CSA (Optional)

You have a custom-made bulb to meet your specific requirements. These bulbs can be made into very small sizes. Other advantages are greater focus, slow failure, and shock resistance. You should buy from TECLED because we will deliver wherever you are in the world.