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LED Dimmers

LED lamps are very popular today because they have a longer life compared to fluorescent, incandescent, and CFL lamps. These bulbs also have better power efficiency compared to fluorescent, incandescent, and CFL lamps, meaning you will spend less on energy costs and you will be doing your part to protect the environment.

At TECLED, we design and produce dimmers for your LED project. A dimmer, as the term suggests, dims the light in the room so that you can change the ambiance of the room as you wish. This also allows you to save energy when you do not need too much light. Our LED dimmers are designed in such a way that they do not cause flickering and there is consistent performance. Our R&D team factors in such flickering causes as power instability when designing the dimmers.

There are dimmers that work by the lowering of the forward current, but ours work using PWM (pulse width modulation) technology. We have LED dimmers for different loads, meaning there is something for everyone. You should check the maximum amperage before buying to prevent damage to your LED fixture. You should also make such consideration as the working temperature (ours have a working temperature of between -20 and 60℃). Our LED dimmers are for indoor use only. We will not help you with the design of your LED project at TECLED, but we will help you as much as you can. We will tell you the right LED dimmer for LED fixture if you are buying the LED fixture from us. You need not worry about the cost because our most expensive dimmer will cost you just $25.