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LED Controllers

LED lamps are solid-state lamps that are very popular today in commercial and residential applications. They use LEDs (light-emitting diodes) as the source of the light. You could use an LED controller, depending on the purpose for which you are using the LED lamps. A constant current LED controller is used for such purposes as controlling blinking and dimming and for color mixing LEDs in SMBus, IPMI, PMBus, and I2C applications. Other specialized uses of LED controllers are operating such number displays as 7-segment blocks and driving photo flash LEDs in such applications as PDAs and mobile phones.

When buying an LED controller, consider the maximum amperage, the input voltage vis-à-vis your power source, the operating temperature, the wattage, and other specifications. Our LED controllers use IR (infra red).

At TECLED, we have different LED controllers for different applications. Innovation is very important to us and we have an R&D team for this. We have favorable shipping and return policies. You need not worry about the cost because our controllers cost as little as $10. You should buy in bulk for the best deal. Ask our customer service team any question that you may have, including questions with regard to the best type of LED controller given the LED fixture you have.