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Flexible LED Neons

We have flexible LED neons on our outlets as well as our online store. We have flexible LED neons in red, green white, blue, and yellow, meaning you have a lot to choose from. Our flexible LED neons are of the highest quality and this and the fact that they cost $12 makes TECLED the best place for you to shop.

The bulbs are about 70% more energy efficient compared to the standard Glass Neon lights. You get tens of thousands of hours with these low-wattage bulbs. Being solid state, these bulbs are very durable. If you care about the environment, these bulbs are more environmentally friendly compared to glass neon lights. They do not contain such elements as helium, argon, mercury, xenon, and krypton that are contained in other types of bulbs.

LED Neon Lighting involves the use of LED light bulbs that are in an outer plastic jacket cover. The outer jacket cover is designed to give protection from UV light and insulation. These LED neon lights are great alternatives to the standard neon lights in that you get greater energy efficiency, they are easy to maintain, and they offer great versatility.

Our flexible LED neons require very little voltage to operate (as low as 12 V). This makes them safe to use and it gives you flexibility in that you can use a standard battery to power them. The insulation and the low voltage requirements mean that you can use these bulbs in cars, trailers, RVs, and boats.

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