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Magnitude LED Driver


The R&D team at Magnitude Transformers ensures that they are the most innovative LED transformers in the market with a combination of advanced technology and uncompromising quality. They are leaders in the field with their cutting edge technology and ability to work with OEMs across the globe. For close to a decade now, Magnitude Transformers have carved a niche for themselves in the fledgling dimmable LED transformers market with their compact, efficient and reliable drivers, transformers and light control systems. Their patented technologies, rich experience and unsurpassed abilities have made it possible for Magnitude Transformers to capture the market in the field of lighting control systems. Every product from the Magnitude Transformers stable is fully warranted for an unprecedented 5 years from the date of the original shipment. This is a tribute to the company’s quality consciousness and confidence in their production superiority.

Low voltage drivers and transformers convert normal domestic line voltage of 120 volts to either 12 or 24 volts fur use in low voltage light fixtures, which are mostly used for outdoor applications. A low voltage transformer caters to multiple light fixtures with its capacity determined by the wattage and the number of sockets it contains. Magnitude Transformers can be connected to photocells which enable the lights to be automatically switched on at dusk and switched off at dawn. Timer devices can also be connected to Magnitude Transformers, which determine specific times of the day when the lights need to be turned on and off. Magnitude Transformers contain 5 product lines, which include various low voltage, AC and DC drivers. The drivers are compatible with a wide range of more than 100 Lutron and Leviton dimmers. While the AC and DC drivers from Magnitude Transformers can function in the range of 20 watts to 300 watts depending on the product selected, the low voltage transformers have a range of 18-40 watts.