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LED Power Supply


We have LED power supplies to use with your LED fixtures such as display signs. Our LED power supplies feature a constant voltage design. They are made with surge protection as well as overload and short circuit protection. They can withstand up to 300VAC surge input for five seconds. The LED power supplies are tested before shipping (one of the tests being the100% full load burn-in test), but you could always return it to us if you find it not working of not working as it should, provided it is in the same condition you got it in.

Our LED power supplies conform to industry standards. This ensures that your project will pass fire and other inspections. The power supplies come with fully-isolated plastic case. We recommend that you use our LED power supply with TECLED LED fixtures because there will be no compatibility problems. When buying the power supply, consider the specifications of the fixtures you already have installed or buy the fixtures based on the rating of the LED power supply.

Just like our cabinet lighting, serving signs, and other LED lighting products, our LED power supplies are also designed by our R&D team. Our LED power supplies come with a warranty. You should, however, buy straight from the factory to enjoy this warranty. LED power supplies from most of our competitors do not pay attention to elegance, but we understand the design of the power supply is just as important as the functionality, especially if the LED fixture being powered is used for aesthetic purposes.