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LED Grow Lights

You should go for an LED grow light because you will get a life time of about 50,000. LED lighting technology allows you to save energy. This is important for applications where the grow light needs to be on for several hours each day or even 24/7 such as in the growing of plants.

The maintenance cost is very low. You can have your LED grow light specifically designed for you at TECLED. This allows you to have a light that meets your specific requirements. You will get our LED grow lights with a 3 year warranty on component repairs. Disassembling and reassembly takes only one minute. You do not need a special tool for this – just a screwdriver. Our grow lights use high quality chips such as CREE LED chips.

Typical applications of LED grow lights include flowers and vegetables warm shed, greenhouse and indoor gardens, farms, plant-breeding houses, and medicinal herb plant/tomato/“money tree “growing. They are also used in flow exhibitions because they help slow down plant growth during flowering. Our LED grow lights in different wattages, including 35W, 90W, 140W, 180W, 210W, 280W, 300W, 315W, and 560W, meaning there is something for everyone.

Other than the long life and the energy efficiency, other advantages of LED grow lights are the fact that you can get different colors, you can get different sizes, the bulbs light up very quickly, dimming is not a problem, they are environmentally friendly since they do not contain mercury, and there is slow failure. At TECLED, we will ship your order wherever you are in the world.

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