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LED Accessories

At TECLED, we have accessories to go with the cabinet lighting, serving signs, retail displays, and other LED products we manufacture. An example of these accessories is the double sides tape. This take is used to fix LED lighting fixtures in place. Double-sides tapes, as the term suggests, stick in place and there is adhesion on the other side to attach anything else you need to.

We have double-sides tapes in different length and in different thickness, meaning there is something for everyone. Our tapes have very strong adhesives, meaning they will be strongly fastened in place.

You should buy LED accessories from our online store or from our outlets in Canada and beyond because we do prompt delivery. We have a favorable return policy, provided the item is in the condition it was when it was shipped. We have well-established partners who supply the components we need in our accessories. We want you to recommend us to your friends and relatives and we will not make products that compromise on quality.